The packaging industry is a major user of boxes for the packaging of products for safe transport. Boxes are also good at holding products together. At Reisopack Netherlands, we have a variety of machines that can make your packaging processes easier, including an automatic box strapping machine. This box strapping machine automatically straps your boxes when they are ready.

Box strapping machine integrated into a packaging line

Machines from Reisopack are easy to integrate into existing production lines. The box strapping machine can be fully integrated into an automated packaging line. Sensors are used to control the machine from the packaging line itself, thereby automatically strapping the boxes. It’s also possible to integrate a semi-automatic box strapping machine.

Fully automated box strapping machine

With a fully automatic box strapping machine, you no longer need an operator to strap the boxes. This is ideal if you have a large volume of boxes to strap. An automatic box strapping machine allows you to automate the entire production line and make your production process as smooth as possible.

Semi-automatic box strapping machine

If you don’t have such a large volume of boxes or want to be as flexible as possible with the position of your machine, a semi-automatic box strapping machine would be the ideal solution for you. You can also opt for a box strapping machine with a foot pedal or push button. With these, strapping is still automatic, but requires an operator to control the machine.

You can also opt for a semi-automatic strapping machine where the strapping band itself needs to be put in place. The operator pulls the strapping tape around the box and inserts it into the machine, which pulls it tight and melts it.

No more plastic tape needed

By strapping boxes instead of taping or wrapping them, you can dispense with plastic. This means an end to box damage when the tape is removed. You also no longer need to use plastic to seal the boxes. You will use strapping band instead of plastic tape, which is easy to recycle.

(Semi-)automatic box strapping machine from Reisopack

Reisopack has a wide range of box strapping machines. All these machines are delivered ready for use and installed according to the needs of the customer. If you’re interested in one of our box strapping machines, please contact us using the form or call Reisopack on +31(0) 85 077 8387.