Reisopack SL, the parent company of Reisopack Netherlands, was founded in 1992 in Barcelona. The parent company specialized in the packaging industry and strapping technology in particular. More than 25 years later, Reisopack is now a leading company in supplying and maintaining modern and highly-reliable strapping machines worldwide.

In 2008 Reisopack S.L. and Steenks Service founded Reisopack Netherlands together in order to be closer to their customers in Western and Northern Europe and to better serve this customer group in advice and service. This collaboration ensures that we can deliver machines and parts from stock very quickly, and can offer you great service in the event of malfunctions.

Collaboration with Steenks Service

The services are performed under the name of Steenks Service, and that ensures that you can be helped as quickly as possible. Our collaboration with Steenks Service allows Reisopack to deploy expert personnel for maintenance, repairs and rental of strapping machines. We can also install and fully commission your machine. This allows our strapping machines to be immediately part of your processing line.

We aim to use this collaboration to generate the greatest possible level of satisfaction among our customers. Ordering parts for strapping machine also makes use of our collaboration with Steenks Service. So, you can order parts for your strapping machine very easily from the Steenks Service webshop.

Active worldwide

Reisopack strapping machines are being used on every continent, and you will find them in many different sectors. You will encounter our machines in logistics operations, as well as in industries as diverse as metals and foodstuffs. Our brand is known for flexibility. Our machines are specially set up for every sector. Every business is different and each has its own different requirements. We strive for optimal performance for your business by supplying reliable and durable machines. That is why customization is one of our specialties, and it is the reason for us working with reliable partners to provide you with the best possible service.