All strapping machines and Reisopack products stand out for their high quality and user-friendliness. Strapping machines, sometimes known as binding machines, allow you to package your stacked pallets, boxes and other goods easily. And Reisopack's strapping machines are used in a wide-ranging number of different business processes. For example, our strapping machines are used to bind flower boxes in horticultural companies, while they are also very common in all sorts of production factories, as well as in the fish, meat and milk industries.

Specialist in strapping

We design and manufacture our products in-house at our factory, which allows us to deliver custom-made machines to our customers. We have a very extensive range of strapping and binding machines, so we can always supply the ideal solution for your task. In addition to our strapping machines, we also offer you a range of strapping bands, and we supply strapping shredders too.

These are some of the machine types that Reisopack supplies:


New and used strapping machines

Our flagship brand for strapping machines

Professional delivery

Reisopack machines are quality machines and we consider it our responsibility to deliver each one in tip-top condition. We strive to ensure the most pleasant customer experience for users of our strapping machines. That is why our machines are always installed on delivery by our specialized technicians. You get a detailed practical explanation with the newly installed binding machine and our staff is always ready for practical and technical questions after installation. In addition to our services during purchase, Reisopack is always available for maintenance and repair work on your strapping machines. Our technicians undergo constant training, to ensure that they can offer the best service to our customers around the world.

Strapping band and corner boards

In addition to our strapping machines, we also supply strapping band and corner boards. We supply strapping band per roll or per pallet. You can easily order these through our webshop. We supply corner boards tailored to customer's wishes. This includes the desired colour, size, length, thickness and number of pieces.

Strapping band shredder

Reisopack also supplies band shredders. These shredders ensure efficient waste band processing. For example, the ribbon is cut into 6-centimetre lengths and the machine handles an input speed of 30 metres per minute. This means that a lot of ribbon can be shredded quickly, and that saves a lot of space in waste bins. And our band shredder has swivel wheels, which make it very easy to move.