PP strapping band is a relatively inexpensive strapping material compared to other materials. PP strapping band is strapping strap made from a thermoplastic polymer called polypropylene. PP plastic strapping is the cheaper variant of the newer PET strapping. Despite the fact that the new name for polypropylene has recently been changed to 'polypropene', it is still best known by consumers of this plastic under the old name (polypropylene).

The biggest advantage of polypropylene material is that it can be easily recycled. This also makes PP strapping band recyclable and minimizes damage to nature. The products made of polypropylene material are marked with a recycling code consisting of the letters “PP”. This also explains where the name PP strapping band comes from.

Use of PP strapping band

Due to its favourable breaking strength, high elasticity and low tension loss, it is extremely suitable as a strapping band for light to medium unitising, palletising and bundling. Our polypropylene strap is light in weight, easy in use and can be processed manually or mechanically in both horizontal and vertical strapping machines.

Features and benefits of PP strapping band:

  • The material is recyclable
  • High level of stretch
  • Flexible
  • Does not rust and is resistant to aggressive substances

PP strapping band is ideal for:

  • Strapping of light to medium loads
  • Short transport trips
  • Protect loads from environmental conditions

Differences between Polyester strapping band and PET strapping band

Polyester strapping band is the most commonly used strap in the packaging and transport sector. This can be explained in particular by the fact that this strapping band is very attractive from a price point of view.

In addition to polypropylene, PET strapping is also available. This type of strapping was developed somewhat later and is of a higher quality, which is reflected in the price. Polyester strapping band usually performs excellently because the elasticity, breaking strength and loss of tension are more than sufficient for many applications.

Polyester strapping band is suitable for both mechanical and manual strapping and reinforcement. Strapping by machine ultimately saves a lot of time. At Reisopack we can advise you which strapping machines are best suited to your business.

Buying PP strapping band at Reisopack

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