Poly strapping machines are in regular use in the packaging industry. At Reisopack, we are proud to offer a divergent collection of high-quality strapping machines, including a poly strapping machine. Our automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines are easy to use, whether horizontally or vertically, and can be put to work strapping pallets, boxes and stacked goods in polyester strapping band in just a few quick steps.

Reisopack is your specialist for poly strapping machines

Reisopack is world renowned for its excellent value for money and the excellent price to quality ratio of its poly strapping machine. We design and produce our strapping machines in our very own plant, giving us the flexibility to offer customised solutions. Our specialists take the time to map out your packaging line so that we can properly advise you and work with you to determine the poly strapping machine that best matches your organisation.

Reisopack can deliver your poly strapping machine to you

At Reisopack, customer satisfaction is paramount, which is why we leave the transport of your strapping machine to our own specialists. In addition, our specialists also take care of immediate installation of your strapping machine and provide you with a detailed explanation of how it works. By handling all transport and installation ourselves, we can responsibly ensure that your strapping machine reaches you in perfect condition and that you can start using it immediately. After delivery, we are always available to answer any technical or practical questions you may have.

Buy polyester strapping band from Reisopack

If you run out of polyester strapping band, you can always place an order for new supplies with us. As our focus is on the highest possible quality in everything that we do, we sell extremely strong and reliable polyester strapping band. These properties are important for the strapping machine itself, which could sustain damage if poor quality materials are used, but also for the quality of the strapping. Our polyester strapping band is available as individual units or by the pallet. A pallet holds 48 rolls and is suitable for export.

Questions about our poly strapping machine?

If you’re looking for a strapping machine for your packaging line and still have questions, please get in touch with our specialists for a no-obligation consultation. You can call us directly on +31(0) 85 077 8387, send us an e-mail at info@reisopack.nl or use the contact form on our website to quickly send your enquiry.