PET strapping band, also called polyester strapping band, is the most commonly used polymer strapping material. Its strength, UV resistance and durability make it the most commonly used material to replace steel band. In addition, PET strapping or polyester strapping band is an elastic strap that always retains its tension. This allows the band to absorb a lot of shocks during transport.

Thanks to these characteristics, PET strapping is also mainly used in the logistics sector and in warehouses where a lot of work is done with stacked goods, packaging and boxes on pallets. The PET strapping band is used to secure your goods so that the load stays in place during transport and is not damaged.

Features of PET strapping band

Characteristic for PET strapping band is the wear resistance of the plastic strapping material. Strap made of Polyester is soft to the touch and has no sharp edges. Polyester as a material is flexible, leaves no scratches and is shock resistant. PET strapping band is also not sensitive to weather influences due to its UV resistance and can therefore also be used outdoors as a strapping material.

Some other features and benefits of PET strapping band are:

  • Strongest of plastic strapping
  • High breaking strength
  • High tension levels
  • Greater stretch
  • High recovery
  • UV resistant

Polyester strapping band is ideal for:

  • Medium to heavy loads such as building materials
  • Loads that can settle, expand or shrink during transport
  • Loads sensitive to shock or shifting environments such as ships
  • Reinforcing heavy packages and loads

Why use polyester strapping band?

The high degree of elongation and recovery makes polyester strapping band ideal for strapping loads that are prone to shifting. The stretchability of the polyester strapping band helps minimize the effect of sudden shifts. As the load shifts, the straps (temporarily) lengthen, reducing the force of a sudden shift. The strap recovery capabilities then pull the load back to its original position.

PET strapping band of Reisopack

In addition to PET strapping band, Reisopack also supplies various machines such as (-semi) automatic strapping machines that can strap your pallets, boxes and stacked goods with polyester strapping band both horizontally and vertically. If you are considering adding PET strapping band to your packaging solution, please contact one of our expert strapping specialists via the contact page or / +31 (0) 85 077 8387.