If you are looking for a machine that can strap pallets with loaded goods then you are probably going to need a pallet strapping machine. These machines are available in a wide range of options, from manual to automatic strapping. Besides that they can also be integrated into (fully automated) packing lines. A pallet strapping machine can have a major impact on a company’s cost savings.

What is a pallet strapping machine?

Securing products and packages can be a necessary step in the supply chain of shipping and storage companies. Pallet strapping, also known as banding or bundling, is the process of unitizing products together. By using a pallet strapping machine a company can be assured that their products will be properly shipped and stored in one piece. A pallet strapping machine can work in different ways. There are machines that can horizontally or vertically strap a band around pallets and products, but there are also machines that can do both. Besides that there are also different ways to operate a pallet strapping machine; manually, semi-automatic or fully automatic.

The benefits of working with pallet strapping machines

When opting for a pallet strapping machine there are three benefits you can keep in mind;

  1. Your product is protected from damage

    During transport or storage one of the most important benefits that pallet strapping can offer is that it keeps the products contained. Because the products are strapped it helps the life expectancy of them during transport because they are prevented from shifting and getting damaged.

  2. Employee health and safety

    If products are not properly secured there is a change that they will fall over during transit and injure you staff on the production floor. Securing your products with pallet strapping reduces the risk of injuries and increases safety on the production floor as the product passes through the supply chain.

  3. Save space

    A important benefit or working with pallet strapping machines is the space you can save on storing packaging material. A pallet strapping machine uses strapping band which uses a lot less floor space compared to alternative securing methods such as pallet wraps or stretch film. Because of this smaller footprint a coil of strapping band can provide several thousand feet of material while taking up less room in a warehouse.

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