The packaging industry is a big industry where companies pack, sort, repack or apply stickers to products and goods for various purposes such as protection, transport and promotion. Strapping is an important application in this industry. Reisopack supplies a wide range of strapping machines for the packaging industry.

Reisopack strapping machines

Reisopack supplies different solutions for every budget and application. We have strapping machines that can strap horizontally and vertically all kinds of objects. These objects could be pallets, boxes, crates and more. A strapping machine binds the object horizontally or vertically with strapping band. This strapping band is welded by the machine and saves plastic material compared to plastic wrapping.

Reisopack strapping technologies

Reisopack offers automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines. Automatic strapping machines are widely used within the packaging industry. Reisopack machines are easy to integrate into packaging lines and can be controlled from the packaging line. Reisopack has a lot of experience in installing strapping machines in packaging lines. This allows us to provide you with the best advice. We are also good at custom solutions and are keen to help customers with their packaging solutions. You can see an example of this type of machine in the video at the bottom of this page.

Installation and service of strapping machines in the packaging line

At Reisopack it is possible to buy a strapping machine as an end consumer or as a machine line builder. Reisopack will install the machine and take care of the complete after-sale worldwide in both scenarios. This means that we are available for service and maintenance of the strapping machine. We also have a large parts warehouse to help you quickly, should there be any unexpected problem with the machine.

Reisopack specialized in strapping machines for the packaging industry

Reisopack has already installed strapping machines in a fish processing plant, chip factory, beverage factory and many more. Are you interested in our solutions and do you want to know more about other experiences? If so, please contact us using the form on our website or call us on +31(0) 85 077 8387.

Video: Watch one of our strapping machines at work.