Sometimes also called banding machines or binding machines, there are two types of strapping machines; half- or semi-automatic and automatic.

  • Half/Semi-automatic: Semi-automatic strapping machines rely in part on operator assistance and are generally useful for lower volume strapping applications. Semi-automatic machines are ideal for banding or strapping smaller numbers of boxes or pallets that meet this form of strapping but are too small in volume to opt for a fully automatic solution.

  • Automatic: Automatic strapping machines can be operated completely hands-free, whereby interference from a person can be excluded. By means of precise components, various sensors and software, the machine can start working almost autonomously, sometimes just pressing an activation button is enough. These automatic systems can strap tens to hundreds of items within minutes. They are therefore also extremely suitable for large volumes, such as in industrial applications where thousands of articles have to be tied up every day.

Automatic Strapping machines and Semi-automatic strapping machines are available for plastic strapping, the type that suits you best depends on the exact application for which you are going to use it.

The advantages of strapping machines at a glance

Semi-automatic applications

  • Much of it relies on human input
  • Ideal for situations where the size and shape of the item to be strapped changes, it takes no extra time to make adjustments to the machine
  • These types of machines are very cost-effective, both in advance and in terms of maintenance
  • Good to use for both small and medium applications
  • Small Volume Storage
  • Moments when you don’t immediately need lightning fast strapping

Automatic applications

  • Designed to work with minimal human input
  • Great for strapping large quantities of similarly sized items
  • Can be used as a stand-alone machine or integrated in a fully automatic production line
  • Some models can operate completely independently with minimal maintenance
  • An automatic strapping machine is worth the investment if your business has a lot of volume to strap

Supplier of strapping machines

Reisopack is your trusted supplier of strapping machines that are available both automatic and semi-automatic. Our machines are designed to improve your efficiency with PP or PET strapping. These banding machines are designed to quickly and carefully strap large quantities of boxes, pallets or other stacked goods that your company handles every day, reducing the time it takes to strap them manually or individually. At Reisopack we offer a full line of PP and PET strapping machines that will meet your needs.