A strapping machine without proper strapping band is like a car with square wheels. The quality of the strapping band is important for the performance of the strapping machine, because it has a major influence on the operation. Lower quality strapping won’t work well and the worst case scenario is that the machine will stop working. Reisopack the Netherlands always sells a strapping machine together with the right type of strapping band.

Different types of quality strapping tape

Strapping band is manufactured from plastic and residual material. The ratio between these determines the quality of the strapping band. More plastic compared to residual material results in a better quality of the band. Better quality means stronger band and less distortion. Therefore it is better to strap with a higher quality of strapping band. Finally, it is possible that a lower quality of strapping can damage the machine, as the band can contaminate the machine.

Types of strapping band

The most important types of strapping band are from polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP). PP strapping band is somewhat lighter than PET band which makes it suitable in most situations and ideal to strap lighter products. On the other hand, PET strapping band is stronger than PP band. The reason for this is that PET band retains the tension which makes it very suitable to strap heavy goods. Both types of strap are recyclable. With a strapping shredder it is easy to dispose the strapping band in the recycle bin.

The green band is PET band and the black band is PP band

Shape of the strapping band

At Reisopack Netherlands, as many meters of strapping band as possible are wound onto a roll. So that a roll of band lasts as long as possible. However, you have roles with a small core or a large core. The core depends on the type of strapping machine. For example, a small core is suitable for a semi-automatic strapping machine and a large core is suitable for a fully automatic strapping machine. The reason fort this is that a large core ensures less curl in the strapping band. A fully automatic machine works better with a ‘less curled’ band.

Order strapping band

Reisopack the Netherlands has a large stock of strapping band directly available. Do you want to order? Or do you need advice for the right type of strapping band. Call us at +31(0)850778387 or send an e-mail to info@reisopack.com