A couple of weeks ago, our technician Joey flew to Hungary to install a Reisopack 2905 strapping machine on site for a tomato grower. This was accomplished in close collaboration with our partner TAKS Handling Systems.

Pleasant collaboration with TAKS Handling Systems

TAKS Handling Systems is a specialist in the development of logistics modules and bespoke solutions for transport systems. When a strapping machine is needed in one of their lines, they get in touch. TAKS Handling Systems remains in charge of all project management, while Reisopack takes care of all matters relating to the strapping machine itself.

Automatic strapping machine in a processing line

One of the projects completed by TAKS Handling Systems was a processing line to stack crates or boxes of tomatoes on pallets, whereupon they can be strapped automatically. Taking the tomato grower’s needs into consideration, it was determined that the Reisopack 2905 automatic strapping machine was the ideal integration for the processing line.

Reisopack 2905 strapping machine

The Reisopack 2905 is a horizontal strapping machine that is widely used to strap goods, in this case tomatoes. One of the major benefits of this automatic strapping machine is that it can be operated completely hands-free. Operating with multiple sensors and integrated software, the machine has the capability to run fully autonomously. Consequently, it requires minimal human input and, at the press of an activation button, the machine can do all the work by itself. What’s more, this machine can strap high daily volumes in just a few minutes. It’s the ideal solution for a tomato grower eager to have goods packed quickly and automatically.

Strapping machine 2905 at tomato grower | Reisopack

Purchase a strapping machine from Reisopack

At Reisopack, we believe that service after purchasing a strapping machine is extremely important. Which is why our technician travelled to Hungary to install the strapping machine himself, at the customer’s site. We also relieve customers of all after-sales concerns and offer advice on the machine, a spare parts ordering service and even servicing, if needed. At Reisopack Netherlands, it doesn’t matter to us where our customers operate – our service is global.

Reisopack, your specialist in strapping machines

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