Companies are increasingly looking for more efficiency in the chain. Whether this concerns transport, processing or packaging of their products, efficiency can be achieved everywhere. After a recent investment in their packaging lines, this flower exporter was looking for a fast and accurate way to strap palletized boxes with flowers and bouquets. This is how they arrived at the innovative horizontal strapping machines from Reisopack.

Why flower and plant exporters?

The Netherlands is known for its lively trade in flowers and plants. The flower and plant auctions in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk and Rijnsburg are central to this. Many florists and retail organizations in the Netherlands and abroad depend on traders and exporters to trade flowers. These companies often source their products at the auction or are purchased directly from the grower. Today, retailers in particular have high demands in terms of quality and the delivery of products on time. To protect the flowers and plants during transport, they are often packed in cardboard boxes or specific Retail crates before they go to the customer. Good strapping is very important to protect them against falling over or shifting during transport.

One-Off solutions onderdeel van Niverplast

One-Off solutions onderdeel van Niverplast

Mobile strapping machine for high production

During a peak period it often happens that at the end of a production line or conveyor belt a build-up of pallets arises that cannot be eliminated by a single machine. A solution for this is to purchase multiple machines, but this requires a large investment and it may be that some of these machines come to a standstill during less busy periods. Reisopack has a suitable solution for this in the form of a mobile horizontal strapping machine with an automatic corner slat. This machine can strap up to 4 pallets in succession, so that the pallet places can be continuously fed with new pallets. The machine then drives from pallet to pallet to strap it, where you can also choose from different strapping programs.

Fixed strapping machine combined with stacking robots

This exporter was also looking for a solution to strap pallets quickly and accurately in combination with an automated production line. The Reisopack 2905 High speed was chosen together with One-Off solutions (partner of Niverplast). Together with two robot palletizers that stack the boxes on pallets at the start of the pallet transport system, the pallets with flower boxes are strapped by the horizontal strapping machine for under a minute at the end of the cycle, after which the finished pallet can be taken away.