Recently, colleagues from the sales department, together with a couple of our mechanics, visited our machine factory near Barcelona in Spain. Normally there are several visits per year on the agenda, however, due to the COVID-19 restrictions that have been imposed, it has been more than 1.5 years since we were able to visit our factory.

Innovation and exchange of knowledge

The main reason for this visit this time was to exchange product improvements to the various strapping machines and to share technical knowledge. Because our technicians install strapping machines on a daily basis and resolve malfunctions of these machines at our customers and relations, they can share a lot of practical knowledge to our colleagues in Spain. On the other hand, our sales department and the mechanics are informed by Reisopack Spain about the latest innovations and machines that they are developing. For example, we can inform you that a new vertical strapping machine will soon be added to the range.

New vertical strapping machine; Reisopack 2200

The Reisopack 2200 as the new machine is called has been specifically developed for the vertical strapping of different sizes of pallets. For example, the minimum strapping height is 50 cm from the ground and this machine can strap pallets up to 2 meters and 70 centimeters in height with a strapping band. The widths of the pallets can vary from 80 to 130 centimeters. The strappingband is passed through a lance under the pallet so that it converges back into the head at the top of the machine, pulling the strapping tight and fusing it together.

Reisopack 2200 vertical pallet strapping machine

Reisopack 2200 vertical pallet strapping machine

Customized strapping machine

If desired, Reisopack can also make custom strapping machines to meet your specific packaging requirements. After a quality inspection, this Reisopack 2200 is ready to be transported to a large pallet factory in the Netherlands where it will be installed by our mechanics. The machine is custom-made, it contains a special press and can be integrated into an existing production line.

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