Phoenix pallets (part of Foresco) is an international player in the pallet market. They are full service supplier of wooden pallets, repair and packaging activities. With a history dating back to 1891 and thanks to regular takeovers of manufacturers and service providers in the pallet sector, they have been able to achieve steady growth with an ever-expanding sales area for their products.

No damage during transport or storage

Phoenix was looking for a machine that could quickly strap stacks of new or repaired pallets. A machine that can be used at the end of the production process, before the pallets would arrive at the logistics department for transport or storage. The aim is to strap the stacks of pallets so that they remain stable during transport and storage so that no damage is caused to the products.

Minimal adjustments, maximum results

In order to meet the requirements that Phoenix pallets have set for the strapping machine, we have designed a specially developed Reisopack 2200 in collaboration with the machine factory in Spain. This vertical strapping machine has been on the market for a number of years now, but is also continuously being developed. In the case of Phoenix pallets, it was decided to integrate this machine into their current production line. This requires minimal adjustments to the machine because it can easily be tailored to the customer’s facilities. The biggest adjustment was the realization of a hole in the wall of the production hall, so that the Reisopack 2200 could be placed between the existing drainage tracks.

Long life and low maintenance

The location of the strapping head makes it possible to strap stacks of pallets of different heights one or more times. In addition, the model is easy to program thanks to a touchscreen, it has a long life and requires little maintenance. All these advantages make the Reisopack 2200 the ideal strapping machine to integrate into a new or existing production line. Something that Phoenix pallets has also done.

Buy vertical strapping machine

Are you, like Phoenix pallets, looking for a way to strap vertically and are you interested in the automatic strapping machines from Reisopack? Or are you looking for advice on which machine best suits your (strapping) needs? Please contact our specialists. We are happy to help you purchase the right strapping machine. You can reach us via telephone number +31 (0) 85 077 8387 or via the e-mail address