At the distribution center of Banken Champignons in Wijchen, Gelderland, many different types of fresh mushrooms and mushrooms pass by every day. These mushrooms and mushrooms are then stored in closed cooling rooms, after which they are transported to the final destination in te Netherlands or abroad.

Requirement for a machine that can bind pallets both horizontally and vertically

Banken Champignons already used the Reisopack strapping machines to strap pallets with mushrooms. However, there was a need for a special kind of strapping machine for air freight. Edward Vonk, marketing manager at Banken Champignons: “For air freight it is also important that the products are strapped to the pallet (vertical). Horizontal strapping is for the strength of the loaded pallet. Vertical strapping is done so that the products do not come loose from the pallet.”

Fully custom made strapping machine

This Reisopack 2820 strapping machine is semi-automatic (standard) and can only strap horizontally. Steenks Service came up with a creative solution to meet Banken Champignons’ wishes. Wouter Steenks, co-owner of Steenks Service: “We have custom-made this strapping machine so that it can strap both horizontally and vertically. Thanks to the built-in turning system in the head of the machine, the machine changes from a horizontal strapping machine to a vertical strapping machine.” “This custom-made strapping machine also has a battery replacement set. If a battery is empty, a new battery can be inserted easily and quickly. This means that you can always continue working without downtime. The strapping machine is also very easy to use. It only needs to be positioned next to the pallet, after which it can be strapped fairly easily.” Look how this machine works at Banken Champignons. Both horizontal and vertical versions can be viewed in the film: