New website

Reisopack Netherlands launched its new website on September 2 and announced this on social media. Reisopack has its origins in Spain and has been a supplier of modern automatic and semi-automatic strapping machines since 1992. Worldwide there are more than 10,000 strapping machines of the Reisopack brand and this number is increasing every year. About 600 new machines are produced every year. A Dutch page has recently been launched under the name Reisopack Netherlands.

Closer to the European market

Sander Zuidgeest of Reisopack Netherlands: “With this step we want to get even closer to the European market. For example, we want to focus in particular on companies that are active in the packaging industry, food industry, industrial sector and in logistics. Our strapping solutions can be used in many different sectors. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to provide companies with the best advice and offer tailor-made solutions. Of course, every sector has different requirements for strapping machines, which makes us, Reisopack Netherlands, the ideal company for solving strapping issues through our experience. ”

Different languages

The Reisopack website can be viewed in three languages and contains all types of strapping machines, from horizontal to vertical and from automatic to semi-automatic. For example, in July Hortibiz published an article about the Reisopack 2905, an automatic strapping machine. This independent machine can be integrated into an automated production line to be able to strap large amounts of pallets. Strapping band and strapping band shredders are also available and the website has its own parts webshop.