Hoek group is a family company from Rijnsburg with 40 years of experience. Hoek group buys and sells flowers and plants worldwide. Nowadays, a lot of flowers are packed in boxes. These boxes are packed on pallets and then transported to their destination. These boxes were previously secured with plastic tape. This tape was wrapped around the pallet together with the corner slats. However, this did not work well and from now on Hoek group have chosen to strap the pallets with two Reisopack 2830 strapping machines.

Left: Dennis and Marco of Hoek group. Right: Demonstration of the Reisopack 2830 strapping machine

Strapping instead of plastic tape

Hoek group is an early adapter in the flower industry with an automatic processing system. The products are transported with long conveyor beltst through the company. A lot of flowers are packed in cardboard boxes to make sure the flowers won’t be damaged during transport. Then the boxes are stacked on pallets. Previously these pallets were secured with corner slats and plastic tape. However, according to Dennis of Hoek group this doesn’t work well: ‘The plastic tape will stick to the boxes, damaging the barcoding and appearance of the box when the tape is released’. Furthermore, according to Marco of Hoek group the plastic tape isn’t strong enough: ‘The plastic tape does not fit tightly around the pallet and has too little bearing capacity. This makes the pallets unstable during transport’. On top of this, Hoek group wants to strap the pallets at a fixed height. The reason for this is that the personnel of Hoek group doesn’t have to think about this handling. It is easy to realize this fixed strapping heights with the movable tie head on the column of the machine. For these reasons, the Hoek group has chosen for two Reisopack 2830 strapping machines at Reisopack Netherlands.

Mobile strapping machine in an automatic processing system

The Reisopack 2830 is a mobile strapping machine that needs to be used manually. In the hall of Hoek group the packing line has multiple exit point. At every exit point are various pallets with boxes. The Reisopack 2830 can be moved easily from exit tot exit to strap the pallets. According to Wouter of Reisopack Netherlands: ‘The Reisopack 2830 is ideal in this situation, because it is easy to move the machine to the pallet. The machine can strap a pallet with 3 straps and 4 corner slats in 55 seconds.’