There is a great demand for sustainable packaging solutions. At the moment, many products are wrapped in plastic before transportation. While the product is often already packed in other packaging material. Therefore, the load is packed twice. This costs a lot of material and is accompanied with high costs and a higher ecological footprint. For these reasons, Reisopack Netherlands opts for strapping.

High quality strapping machines

Reisopack Netherlands has semi-automatic or automatic strapping machines of Spanish qualitiy. This means that the machines are very reliable. These strapping machines can be used in a stand-alone setup or can be easily integrated into existing automation lines. Furhtermore, the strapping band pressure and the number of straps are easy to adjust. Therefore, the machine can be adapted to the wishes of the customer.

Horizontal or vertical strapping

According to Wouter Steenks of Reisopack Netherlands, strapping instead of wrapping with plastic is the way to safely transport products internally or externally. The only requirement for this is a pallet to stack goods. The pallet can be strapped horizontally or vertically with one or more straps. With horizontal strapping, the goods are tied with or without corner slats. With vertical strapping, the goods are tied to the pallet. Strapping leads to a minimal use of packaging material with a high pallet stability.        

Recycable packaging material

The strapping band is made of polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP). If corner slats are used, they are made of cardboard. These materials are easy to recycle, because corner slats can be placed in the paper container. In addition, the strapping can be shredded so that it can be recycled as plastic. By shredding the strapping band, you don’t have problems with the space for the strapping band in the container.


Are you looking for a way to strap your products for a safe transportation and a reduction of packaging material. Bent u op zoek naar een manier om uw producten te omsnoeren voor een veilig transport en vermindering van verpakkingsmateriaal? Please contact us for more information or question. You can call us +31 (0) 85 077 8387 or fill in the online contactform.