This month we delivered a completely refurbished Reisopack 2800 strapping machine to GEDI, a company operating primarily in the international export of flowers and plants. It delivers large quantities of products to retail and wholesalers. The company previously operated two Reisopack strapping machines, and now has a third to complement the fleet.

Strapping machines in the flower trade

In the flower trade, the majority of products are packed in boxes, which are then sealed with tape. The process of strapping with tape is extremely time consuming, which is why GEDI has opted to place boxes on pallets before strapping them with strapping band. This not only helps to accelerate processing, but helps to keep the flowers and plants safe while they are being transported.

Reisopack 2800 strapping machine

The Reisopack 2800 is a semi-automatic strapping machine that can be used to strap pallets horizontally. The benefit of this strapping machine is that it can easily be placed next to the pallets, removing the need to move unstable, untied pallets of flowers between locations. Also beneficial is the ability to fully adjust the height of the straps yourself, with a minimum height of 17 cm. The machine is battery operated, but can also be connected to the mains if need be. This simply adds to the user friendliness of the strapping machine.

Reisopack 2800 at Gedi | Reisopack Gedi uses Reisopack 2800 | Reisopack

Used Reisopack 2800 strapping machine

Reisopack allows you to choose from a number of used strapping machines, which is precisely what GEDI did. Before we delivered the machine, we subjected it to a complete inspection and undertook repairs and refurbishment where necessary. We offer the same warranty and services on our used strapping machines as we do on our new machines. This allows you to save on costs without sacrificing quality. In addition, it’s also possible to arrange for maintenance on site, if that is what you would like. Doing this regularly will allow you to enjoy your strapping machine for years to come!

Strapping machines at Reisopack

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