Cut flower exporter Florca, which is located at Trade Parc Westland of the Royal Flora Holland flower auction in Honselersdijk, has more than 20 years of experience in exporting flowers to distant destinations. Thanks to their years of experience with air freight, they have grown into a specialist in the field of packaging, among other things. For the transport of flowers and plants, they use a specific type of export boxes made of sturdy corrugated cardboard with special protective material incorporated. Before the packed boxes are transported, they are first brought to temperature via vacuum cooling.

The flower boxes are then collected per final destination in the refrigerated loading area and stacked on pallets. The old way of insuring these pallets no longer sufficed or had its limitations. Therefore, a new, fast and efficient way of tying pallets with stacked boxes was sought.

From plastic wrapping film to strapping band

The old way of binding pallets was done with wrapping film. A widely used solution in the sector, but it also had its shortcomings and, in the case of Florca, had a negative impact on the export boxes. One consequence was that the pallets were cooled too slowly when they were wrapped with wrapping film, even the wrapping film with holes caused a too slow flow of cold air. In order to speed up this process, a different way of strapping was sought. This is how Florca ended up with the semi-automatic strapping machines from Reisopack, which use 2 or 3 narrow strapping bands per pallet. “A strapping machine ensures that strips go around the pallets instead of shrink film, which makes vacuum cooling faster.” said Alex van der Goes of Florca. An additional advantage is that this method of strapping is also faster, more durable and more effective.

Mobile Reisopack 2830 strapping machine

A popular model from Reisopack is the mobile 2830 semi-automatic strapping machine. Due to its flexibility and mobility, this machine can be used almost anywhere in the processing area. “There is a lot of demand for this semi-automatic strapping machine, partly because the Reisopack 2830 is mobile and very easy to use.” according to Sander Zuidgeest of Reisopack. The machine can be positioned next to a pallet to be strapped, after which the pallet, including the application of corner slats, is strapped within a minute.

If you want to see how this machine works at Florca, look here: