Based on the intensity of use and handling, a strapping machine needs maintenance from time to time. Maintenance means that the machine is completely checked. For example, the binding head is cleaned, electrically and mechanically checked and the adjustment of the strapping checked. Reisopack Netherlands empoys skilled technicians with a lot of experience with strapping machines. After a service, the machine works like new and can be used again. The frequency of maintenance is very specific from customer to customer. Some customers opt for annual maintenance, while other customers do nothing to the machine for years and only carry out maintenance when it is worn out. We leave this decision to the customer and you are free to make your own choice.  

Worldwide maintenance

Reisopack Netherlands provides maintenance all over the world. Our machines are delivered worldwide, which means that we also offer worldwide service and maintenance. By contacting our service department you will be helped quickly to find a solution for your scenario. For example, at Reisopack Netherlands it is possible to do maintenance on location or to carry out maintenance at our company. In consultation we can collect and deliver the machine at your place. On both images you see maintenance of the binding head

Training and education of technicians

Some companies have their own technical service department or technician. They can carry out the standard maintenance work themselves. Reisopack Netherlands supplies a parts book and manual as standard upon delivery of the machine. In addition, we offer the possibility to provide training and explanation on location or at Reisopack Netherlands itself. This way your own technicians know how to handle the strapping machine correctly, so that the machine can last for a long time. If there are still any questions or upcoming problems with the machine, they can contact our service department who will always try to solve the customer’s problem by telephone first.  

Parts for your strapping machine

Reisopack Netherlands has an extensive parts warehouse where the most important parts are always in stock. This makes it possible to quickly deliver the parts so that you can quickly continue with your strapping machine. Because we are part of Steenks Service, we have the opportunity to use an extensive parts warehouse. The parts can be shipped or picked up at our location.  

Make an appointment for maintenance or order parts

Would you like to schedule an appointment for maintenance? Or do you need parts and want to order them? Call +31(0)85-077 8387 or send an email to