The main location of Bunnik Plants in Bleiswijk is bustling with activity. Every day tens of thousands of pot plants pass through the production lines and packing department. With or without added value such as ceramics, these plants are packed in cardboard boxes and stacked on pallets to be delivered to customers at home and abroad. Bunnik Plants has opted for our automatic Reisopack 2905 HS strapping machine strapping machine for strapping and tying these stacked goods.

Strapping of different sizes

A major advantage of the Reisopack 2905 is the fact that this machine has different programs for strapping. This allows various sizes of boxes to be strapped at different heights with just the push of a button. The machine can also place and press on its cardboard pallet corners itself, which saves a lot of time and labor compared to the manual method of strapping. This machine has a double stock warehouse for pallet corners with a buffer of approximately 2 x 40 pallet corners so that your production line will not come to a halt quickly. This means that you can also choose two different types or lengths of pallet corners.

Difference between the 2905 Standard and High Speed

Bunnik Plants has opted for our High Speed solution; Reisopack 2905 HS. The main difference, as the name suggests, is in the speed of strapping. Where the standard Reisopack 2905 model can strap a pallet with 4 pallet corner and 3 straps in 65 seconds, the High Speed does this in 52 seconds (excluding transport in/output). This is roughly 20% faster than the standard Reisopack 2905!

Who is Bunnik Plants

Bunnik Plants is a pot plant nursery that has been known in the (international) plant market for years. This company, located in Bleiswijk, has experienced enormous growth in recent years. This also applies to the range, which now consists of dozens of plant species. Bunnik Plants currently produces 1,000,000 plants per week, of which 600,000 plants per week come from the production location in Bleiswijk. They import from various countries in Asia, Central America and the Mediterranean areas.

Also interested in an Automatic strapping machine?

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