Our technician recently paid a visit to an aubergine grower to carry out an annual service of his machines. This grower is a long-time customer and has incorporated a total of three strapping machines into his processing line – two Reisopack 2830 semi-automatic strapping machines and a Reisopack 2905 fully automatic strapping machine. By servicing his machines, we not only help to prolong their service lives, but give our customer the reassurance that he can continue to operate them problem-free!

Processing line expanded to include fully automatic strapping machine

Until 2020, our aubergine grower was happy with the two Reisopack 2830 semi-automatic strapping machines in his processing line. The main benefit of this machine is its extreme flexibility – the aubergine grower can easily relocate the strapping machine on its castors so that it can be placed next to a stack of loose pallets. However, a couple of years ago, he noticed that the number of pallets had become too large for the two semi-automatic strapping machines to cope with. To add further automation to the processing line, he added a Reisopack 2905 fully automatic strapping machine in 2020.

An automatic strapping machine is a good asset

The aubergine grower has now been using the Reisopack 2905 automatic strapping machine for just over two years and considers it a good asset to have. The processing line currently has three outlets, each of which has an integrated strapping machine. Most of the pallets are processed via the fully automatic strapping machine. The semi-automatic strapping machines are used at the other two outlets.

Annual maintenance strapping machine aubergine grower | Reisopack

Servicing your strapping machines

We encourage our customers to service their strapping machines periodically, or to arrange a service if they cannot do it themselves. Servicing can be carried out on an annual basis or when the machine begins to show signs of wear. The aubergine grower has opted to have us carry out an annual service on site. During our last visit, all three strapping machines were checked for faults and signs of wear. We then lubricated all parts or replaced parts as necessary. After that, we cleaned the machines thoroughly so that they could go on running smoothly.

Servicing from Reisopack

Reisopack’s service goes beyond selling high-quality strapping machines, and we are happy to handle installation and servicing work as well!

Still have questions about strapping machines after reading this post? Or maybe you have a strapping machine in your processing line that is in need of a service? Please get in touch with Reisopack, there is no obligation! You can contact us on +31 (0)850 778 387 or by e-mail at info@reisopack.nl.