You need an industrial banding machine to package and secure the items you are sending. It is necessary for you to have them all in order to get your products and goods shipped and delivered without damage and in the right manner. These industrial banding machines give you what you need and ensure that your products make it because they’re sturdily packaged and strapped.

Vertical and horizontal strapping advantages

For industries like food processing , metal melting, building materials assembly, supermarket goods, textile assembly and medical device assembly - vertical and/or horizontal strapping has many advantages. It is flexible to use, efficient in work performance and easy to learn how to operate. And if you do not want to purchase a strapping machine, you can consider renting one instead. Modern banding machines offer very good work performance, but they can be quite expensive to buy.

Quick and easy strapping

Strapping is quick and easy when you use our high-quality industrial banding machines. Our models have the option to adjust the tension so you can choose the tightness level of the strap for maximum support. Next to that horizontal and vertical strapping stations save space. It’s perfect for use at your warehouse or in your workshop -- ideal for any kind of strapping job you want to perform.

Reinforce palletized loads

These machines vary in size and complexity, but they all perform the same essential function: they reinforce palletized loads with packages and cargo with strong bands of material. As such, they’re an important feature of every warehouse and shipping facility—no matter the size. They may be unsung heroes of the shipping industry, but without these machines, it would be almost impossible to move heavy loads like electronic and pallets of goods safely and efficiently.