Horizontal strapping is a relatively simple, efficient way to secure a variety of products. Horizontally placed straps can be used to hold boxes or other stackable products to prevent the product on the pallets from becoming unstable during transport or storage. Often also combined with vertical strapping or wrapping film to bind the product even more firmly to the pallet, horizontal strapping is a safe solution for local or long-distance transport.

Strapping in various sectors

Typical sectors where horizontal strapping is used include the packaging industry, food industry, logistics, floriculture and many others. Some examples of markets and products include boxed large household items, such as furniture and kitchen cabinets. Stackable or layered products including boxed dairy products, and packaged fresh produce such as avocados, apples and tomatoes. Horizontal bands are often still applied manually.

Fully automatic strapping

Reisopack has various fully automatic horizontal strapping machines in its range. The Reisopack 2905, for example, is a highly productive machine that is able to apply three bands including 4 pallet corners in approximately 65 seconds. The strapping machine can be installed at heights suitable for any application with a maximum loading height of 2.6 meters and a minimum of 145 mm, including the pallet.

The system of this machine can be automatic. In addition, if necessary, the operator can set individual loading patterns via the color touchscreen, which is also equipped with instructional videos.

Automated packaging lines

Most Reisopack automatic strapping machines can be integrated into an automated product transport or packaging system. These packing lines are equipped with a variety of safety options, including gate and detection systems to disable controls when operators are outside the machine's working perimeter.

Reisopack supplies high-quality strapping systems for a variety of sectors, including food, logistics, paper/corrugated board, fruit and vegetables, consumer goods, wood and many others. To achieve our customers' performance and productivity goals, we use innovative equipment combined with strapping materials that are engineered to maximize machine performance.

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