Reisopack supplies a number of strapping machines that make tasks easier in the food industry. Our range includes strapping machines capable of vertically or horizontal strapping.

We have strapping machines that can apply strapping to pallets very quickly and easily. These machines can be integrated into complete packaging lines or used autonomously.

Strapping machines for food industry | Reisopack

We also offer strapping machine options for both horizontal or vertical strapping on boxes, drums, bags, boxes and crates.

Uses of our strapping machines in the food industry include the following:

  • cardboard boxes of crisps, wraps, tacos, fries, etc.;
  • strapping crates;
  • packaging products in the meat and fish industry;
  • frozen products at cold stores and freezers;
  • milk products;
  • binding products in beverage/soft drink factories;

As you see, our strapping machines are applicable for every packaging need in the food industry.