Roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, and many other flowers are packed in boxes to protect them during transport. In addition, more volume can be transported when the flowers are packed horizontally in a box, instead of, for example, standing upright in a bucket. To keep these boxes bundled together compactly so that they are stable during transport, a flower binding machine can be used.

Assortment of binding machine flowers

Reisopack has various binding machines in its range that are suitable for the flower sector. Our binding machines can be used as a separate unit or built into a flower processing line. For example, you can install the binding machine at the end of a conveyor belt where boxes are strapped vertically. The box can be placed under an arch automatically or manually, after which a plastic strapping band is stretched around the box via a button or foot pedal. The strip is then fused together and cut off by means of an electrical heating system. After this, the machine is immediately ready for the next cycle. The heating temperature and cooling time are variably adjustable on most machines, which means that the binding time can vary.

Horizontal binding machine flowers

In addition to vertical strapping as described above, Reisopack also has various machines available that can strap your flowers horizontally. These horizontal binding machines are mainly suitable for strapping stacked loads on, for example, pallets. They are available both automatically and semi-automatically, whereby the automatic solution is suitable for larger batches and can be integrated into an automatic processing line.

Binding machines for various sectors

In addition to flowers and bouquets packed in boxes, our Reisopack binding machines are also suitable for other strapping activities in sectors such as logistics, construction, food industry, packaging industry and fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Are you looking for a flower binding machine?

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