Floriculture is a segment of the greenhouse horticulture industry engaged in the production and sale of trees, plants and flowers. The trend within floriculture is that products are packed in boxes before being transported on pallets. It requires a different approach to the traditional way of packaging and transporting these goods. To be able to transport products safely, Reisopack has a wide range of strapping machines for floriculture.

Introduction to strapping machines in floriculture

Strapping has been a well-known technique for safely transporting goods in the greenhouse horticulture industry for more than 20 years. This packaging technique was first used in greenhouse horticulture for fruit and vegetable production. In floriculture, this technique has been little used, with the traditional method for transporting goods carts or trolleys rather than pallets. But, changes are now in the air. Today, many flowers and plants are also placed in boxes at the request of purchasers, who are eager for their products to be transported safely and sustainably. This means that more and more floriculture businesses are looking to automate their packaging processes. In part thanks to its knowledge and experience in the vegetable industry, Reisopack Netherlands is also a specialist in floriculture.

Types of strapping in floriculture

2 types of strapping can be used in floriculture – strapping goods on pallets and strapping the boxes themselves. Many businesses choose strapping because customers are demanding products that are grown and packaged as sustainably as possible. Strapping is ideal for sustainable packaging as it helps to save on plastic when compared to wrapping with plastic or taping boxes closed with adhesive tape. In addition, strapping band can also be recycled.

Pallet strapping in floriculture

Strapping machines are used to strap pallets in the floriculture industry. The boxes are placed on the pallet and can then be strapped with a fully automatic or a semi-automatic strapping machine, with or without corner boards. The type of machine depends on the quantity of pallets being transported and whether the strapping machine should be fixed or can be mobile.

Strapping boxes in floriculture

Boxes are usually sealed with plastic tape. But this damages the box when the tape is removed. A solution is to strap the boxes shut with a strapping machine. The strapping band also gives the box added strength.

Reisopack is a specialist in packaging solutions for floriculture

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