There are many different ways to seal boxes in the packaging sector, such as taping or strapping boxes. The purpose of these actions is often that the goods arrive at your customer safely and in perfect condition. In this article we discuss commonly used box sealers.

Taping boxes

Applying adhesive tape or tape to a box or other packaging unit is usually referred to as taping. This way of closing boxes can be used both manually and mechanically. In the case of manual tape application, a hand dispenser is used which is light and flexible. For larger volumes, a table dispenser or machine box sealer is usually chosen.

Strapping boxes

Another way of closing and tying boxes is the strapping of goods and loads. This method of tying does not use packing tape or adhesive tape, but strapping band. Strapping is often used for stacked boxes on pallets, but solutions are also available for strapping boxes.

Devices and machines

As indicated earlier in this article, there are manual and mechanical box sealers, but table dispensers are also widely used. Hand-held tape dispensers and strapping tensioners are easy, flexible and inexpensive. Dispensers or machines are recommended for larger numbers of boxes or common dimensions at a fixed workplace. For example, a table dispenser or vertical strapping machine is ideal for strapping or taping small or medium-sized packages. Manual input is often still expected here. For the really big work and fast and easy closing and strapping of packaging, it is best to choose semi- or fully automatic box sealers or strapping machines. An automatic strapping solution often no longer requires an operator who performs manual actions.

Which box sealer suits my packaging process

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