For high-quality (automatic) bundling machines, you can contact Reisopack. All our bundling machines have been developed for bundling and/or strapping pallets and stacked goods with strapping band. Thanks to our extensive experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality bundling machines, we are able to provide you with an (automatic) bundling machine that perfectly matches your needs and wishes.

Wide range of bundling machines

By focusing on plastic strapping, Reisopack has built up a wide range of plastic strapping machines over time. The advantage of bundling products, such as boxes and other (stackable) goods, is that you can easily keep everything together without damaging your goods. PP or PET strapping is often used for strapping. Reisopack mainly supplies semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines. With the latter, complete pallet loads such as boxes with furniture can be strapped or bundled fully automatically.

Semi-automatic and automatic bundling machines

Our range of semi-automatic bundling machines consists of strapping machines where an operator still has to perform certain actions manually in order to strap a batch of goods. Our automatic bundling machines, on the other hand, can bundle and/or strap goods fully automatically without human intervention. Another additional advantage of these bundling machines is that they can also be integrated into fully automatic packaging lines, which makes them widely applicable. If desired, bundling machines can be tailor-made so that they match your wishes even better.

A bundling machine for every application

Bundling machines are used for strapping and/or bundling products. Because of the many applications these machines have, there is also a lot of choice, from manual to fully automatic bundling. For example, are you looking for a handy table model or are you looking for a machine that can strap entire pallets? Usually the question is whether you want to use the machine occasionally or continuously for all the strapping work. Do you have a question about which bundling machines best suit the application you use? Please contact our specialists for specific advice. You can reach them by emailing [email protected] or calling +31 (0) 85 077 8387.