Reisopack has a wide range of refurbished and second-hand banding machines. You may be wondering why you should choose a used banding machine? That question is easy to answer; by overhauling an old machine, we extend the life cycle of the machine and thus also prevent wastage. Reisopack is known as a renowned brand in the packaging industry and our second-hand banding machines are therefore overhauled by self-trained technicians and with A-quality parts.

Trade-in of used banding machines

After exchanging a bandingmachine, a professional overhaul by our service technicians follows. After disassembly and overhaul, we offer the machine as a used machine again or rent it out as an occasion. Reisopack banding machines are well maintained and can easily last for years after an overhaul. In addition, the investment in a second-hand banding machine is often many times lower than the purchase of a new one, which means that the payback period (ROI) for customers is shorter.

Second-hand banding machine installation

If desired, Reisopack can also take care of the installation of the second-hand banding machine. We have experienced service technicians to carry out maintenance work and installation of machines. We also have a large parts warehouse where almost all necessary parts are available for a wide range of banding machines.

Banding goods and pallets

Banding machines, also known as strapping machines or binding machines, are specifically designed to bundle, reinforce or secure goods and pallets using metal or plastic strapping.

Extensive range of second-hand banding machines

Reisopack has an extensive range of strapping and banding machines. For small quantities of boxes, you can opt for a semi-automatic arc- or table machine. If you need a machine that can strap larger quantities, there are our (fully) automatic machines that can also be integrated into an automatic packaging line.

WWould you like more information about our (used) banding machines or would you like to purchase a Reisopack banding machine? Please feel free to contact us via our online contact form or by telephone on +31 (0) 85 077 8387.